Promotional incentives through CSS Partners

Our goal is to help merchants discover the benefits offered by CSS Partners in the Shopping environment. We hope to encourage new and existing merchants to find and team up with CSS Partners.

Partnership Incentives

Under the CSS Partner program, we are currently* offering SpendMatch discounts to merchants using CSS Partners:

New Merchant SpendMatch.

New merchant domains onboarding with a given CSS get full spend match for spend on Shopping ads for 30 days up to €500 as long as the CSS spends more than €10 in those 30 days for that merchant, the SpendMatch starts with the 11th Euro spent.

Existing Merchant SpendMatch.

For all existing merchants, Google will provide ad credits after each 30 day period. The amount of ad credits will be based on a percentage of a partner CSS's spend on Shopping ads for a given merchant during that 30 day period:

  • Any merchant with spend in a 30 day period between €500 - €2,500 gets 20% of the spend credited to that merchant's account.
  • Any merchant with spend in a 30 day period between €2,500 - €10,000 gets 25%.
  • Any merchant with spend in a 30 day period above €10,000 gets 30%, capped at €32,000 credit per 30 days.

Note: If a New Merchant would receive a greater ad credit if it were considered to be an Existing Merchant, Google will apply whichever classification is most beneficial for that merchant.

*These programs may change at any time at Google's sole discretion

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