Adwise boosts the ROAS by 40% using a new shopping structure


About Adwise - Your Digital Brain
  • Full service digital agency
  • Based in Almelo and Utrecht
  • Supports large international and SME companies like HP, Ausnutria and Spar
About Producthero
  • Premium Google CSS Partner
  • Offers solutions to boost Shopping Ads performance
  • Headquarters in Amsterdam
  • An integrated approach on strategy, branding, digital commerce and operations
  • Able to offer all specializations for digital marketing
  • Moved all their shopping customers to Producthero Premium CSS
  • Start with an audit to create a matching digital strategy
  • Achieve best possible shopping ad results for customers
  • Continually optimize shopping ad campaigns
  • Increase revenue for customers
  • Adwise was able to achieve a 40% ROAS increase and an uplift of 13% on the conversion value, without losing volume for their customer using Producthero’s CSS and Pro package

5 october 2022

“We have moved all our shopping advertisers to Producthero Premium CSS to get a better position in the bidding auction. And, because of our constant search for innovations to help our clients digitally mature, we offer the Producthero tools to them as well to optimize their shopping campaign management.” Davey Stokkers, Head of SEA @ Adwise - Your Digital Brain

“It’s great to see the results that internationally operating full-digital agencies such as Adwise achieve with our shopping services. It shows that SEA specialists like Davey understand the value of the CSS program and are able to get even better results by implementing our tools” Wouter Veenboer, CEO & co-founder, Producthero

Adwise is a full-service digital agency with vast experience in shopping advertising and commerce. With their data-driven approach and focus on performance, they give their clients a competitive market advantage. Based on their self-developed Way of Work, clients get a custom-made strategy tailored to their needs and wishes which is then implemented by a multidisciplinary team to ensure maximum results.

As the world is globalizing, Adwise also specialized in supporting international clients. One of these customers is Send a Smile, a service that allows consumers to design cards. By offering great services their organization quickly grew and now they are a big player in the online card industry.

Previously Send a Smile used a shopping structure in Germany in which they used multiple campaigns to cover each product group. However, this structure didn’t take the performance differences of product groups into account and all the product groups received the same attention. To respond to the fluctuating demand for cards, Adwise therefore wanted to shift to a model in which the product groups are categorized based on market growth and market share.

To realize this new structure they used Producthero’s Labelizer to deploy the right budgets at the right time to push relevant and high-performing products. Using the model and combining it with available data, they determined which products deserve the most attention and at what time. Then they set up the shopping campaigns and budget allocation as optimally as possible.

“This helps us to be prepared for holiday seasons. For instance, in December the Christmas cards will get a higher budget, whilst the Easter cards receive less. As we are able to use the existing product data for automations we generated an improvement of 40% for the ROAS and an uplift of 13% in conversion value, without losing volume for” Davey Stokkers, Head of SEA @ Adwise - Your Digital Brain