Eastend increases sales by 57% and achieves higher ROAS with PMax campaigns

770% ROAS and 57% sales increase

25 November, 2022

The Challenge

Eastend’s main business objective was to increase online sales while working on improving their internal systems to manage and drive sales more efficiently. Using internal tools, they created and managed their product feed which was linked to their sales platform. Unfortunately, the tools they were using were not working effectively. As a result, they struggled with creating and updating a good quality feed for their Shopping campaigns. At the time, they had an average return on ad spend (ROAS) target of 530%. But now they wanted to increase their sales volume and grow their profitability.

The Approach

Together with the Google Shopping team, Eastend started by reviewing their business strategy and its alignment with their online marketing. This was important to make sure they would focus on the core opportunities they had identified to increase their online sales efficiently. The Google Shopping team followed up with a feed audit and also shared additional details about improving the feed quality. After this, Eastend implemented the recommended changes to their feed. The next step was to create new campaigns and to test a new approach using Performance Max, a recently launched goal-based campaign type. To do this, the teams created a Performance Max campaign with products of mid-level importance for testing. After a month of initially promising results, they created three additional campaigns for top products. All the campaigns were set following the best practices shared by the Google Shopping team.

The Results

Thanks to their feed optimisation and the new Performance Max campaigns, Eastend increased its average ROAS to 770%, 240 percentage points more compared to their previous Shopping campaigns’ structure. Their cost-per-click also decreased by 28% and they were able to increase their sales from Performance Max campaigns (vs. other Shopping campaigns) by +57% with a proportionally-lower incremental investment.

Looking Forward

The transition to Performance Max helped Eastend exceed their sales and ROAS targets. The campaigns’ performance kept improving consistently, to a point where, after 6 months, the team decided to migrate all their campaigns to Performance Max. Google Shopping has become a strategic partner to help Eastend create a Shopping campaigns strategy tailored to their needs. Eastend will continue to partner with the Google Shopping team to optimise their Performance Max campaigns and implement the best practices for their feeds. Considering their recent results, Eastend is looking forward to scaling up their business by investing more in Performance Max campaigns in some of their new markets.

About Eastend

Eastend is a Polish retailer that specialises in selling clothing, shoes, and accessories. It offers products of top brands that are selected based on the latest fashion trends. Their target audience is young adults and people interested in street fashion. Eastend is mainly focused on online sales but also has two offline stores in Gdańsk and Warsaw.

"We started to implement Performance Max campaigns as soon as they were available in our Google Ads account. I remember conversion rates and total conversions increased almost right after we did. As we continue to use Performance Max even more, cooperation with our Google Shopping Account Manager has allowed us to achieve even better results, with optimization, tips & tricks and best practices." - ARTUR ANDRISKOWSKI, DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST