INTERSPORT grows monthly sales by a 6-digit amount while improving ROAS by 30% by partnering with premium CSS adstrong


  • INTERSPORT is the largest network of medium-sized companies in the global sports retail sector.
  • In Germany, INTERSPORT provides access to over 250,000 sporting goods through 1,000 stores, the online shop and the app.
  • Today INTERSPORT combines many years of experience in retail with expertise in online marketing and e-commerce.
About adstrong
  • adstrong is a leading CSS Premium Partner specialized in Google Shopping Ads & CSS solutions for shops & online marketing agencies
  • CSS Premium Partner certified in all available CSS countries
  • Based in Berlin and Munich
  • Increase INTERSPORT's reach & sales
  • Stay within pre-defined budgets
  • Satisfy tight ROAS requirements
  • Get most out of Google’s CSS program
  • Define adstrong’s budget, target ROAS & CPO
  • Implement a product feed including dedicated tracking information
  • Provide a meaningful reporting to further enable adstrong to optimize the shopping campaigns
  • Stay in close communication to ensure continuous achievement of targets and to coordinate special events such as seasonal sales

8th December, 2022

How INTERSPORT boosted sales & ROAS by partnering with premium CSS partner adstrong.

As the largest network of medium-sized companies in the global sports retail sector, INTERSPORT achieves ambitious growth and ROAS targets by striving for excellence in retail and in e-commerce. In Germany, INTERSPORT provides access to over 250,000 sporting goods through 1000 stores. In the online store, the inventory of all items available in the stores is also being promoted online. INTERSPORT is working with numerous partners in this area. Especially during the Covid 19 pandemic, it was important to make efficient use of online channels in addition to the store business. Before partnering with adstrong, INTERSPORT was already running Google Shopping Ads in-house and cooperated with several CSS partners. INTERSPORT chose to add adstrong to its list of CSS partners due to its strong track record: adstrong is one of the leading Google Shopping Ads providers for merchants & online agencies and has developed a high proficiency in enabling merchants to get most out of Google Shopping Ads. Regardless of whether merchants run Shopping Ads campaigns themselves or already work with CSS partners, adstrong can generate complementary traffic to further increase the merchants' sales while meeting ROAS goals. This way, adstrong is supporting more than 5,000 merchants across Europe.

To ensure that all CSS partners can work effectively, INTERSPORT provided optimized product feeds enriched with tracking information to each partner. In addition, monthly budgets, and target ROAS were communicated and a tight controlling was put into place. The budgets were adapted monthly depending on the ROAS each partner achieved – budgets of CSS partners who performed better were increased, whereas budgets of partners with below average performance got decreased. During the cooperation, adstrong was able to increase the monthly budget continuously, generate monthly revenues of more than EUR 700,000 and repeatedly surpass the ROAS goal by 30%.

To continuously improve the cooperation, a meaningful weekly reporting has been implemented and the budget & ROAS targets have been iteratively tweaked to react to market changes and find the optimum between traffic volume and sales margin.

adstrong competence has been recognized with Google's CSS Premium Partner status and with Omnichannel, Pmax and Feeds specialization badges.