Myprotein grows CTR by 12% thanks to Kelkoo Group’s feed optimizations

With coverage spanning 11,000 merchants referencing 220 million products worldwide, Kelkoo Group is a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) dedicated to creating and optimizing visibility for online retailers. When Google launched the Comparison Shopping program, Kelkoo Group began advertising with Shopping ads. This meant Kelkoo Group could create and manage Shopping campaigns directly through Google Ads and Google Merchant Centre. Since then, Kelkoo has joined the Comparison Shopping Partner program as a Premium Partner.

About Kelkoo Group
  • Google Comparison Shopping Partner
  • Offices in London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Oslo, Grenoble, and Vilnius
About Myprotein
  • Ecommerce company
  • Sports nutrition products and gym clothing
  • Increase traffic to Myprotein from Shopping ads
  • Improve click-through rate of ads
  • Kelkoo Group conducted analysis regarding search terms, keywords, and titles, then optimized the Myprotein product feed
  • 12% traffic increase in related queries
  • 12% jump in click-through rate

March 11, 2020

Myprotein sells sports nutrition products and gym clothing. Their range includes supplements, protein powders, vitamins, and high-protein foods and snacks. When Myprotein was looking to increase traffic coming from Shopping ads and boost the click-through rate of their ads, they joined forces with Kelkoo Group.

For Myprotein, Kelkoo Group’s objectives were to increase visibility, grab market share, and put the account in a stronger position to capture specific high-volume queries. Knowing that a high-quality feed is an absolute essential for Shopping ads performance, Kelkoo Group applied their unique optimization expertise to make a host of concrete recommendations for Myprotein.

Product titles were a key focus. These are vital both from a user perspective (as a good product title will perfectly describe the product and hence increase the click-through rate) and from a Google perspective (since a good title will increase the probability for the ad to be shown for relevant queries). Kelkoo performed a thorough audit of the existing feed, identifying from a user perspective which important attributes were missing. For example, they underlined the importance of including ‘flavor’ for protein snacks or ‘size’ for workout outfits. The team then made sure that the most important key terms were placed at the beginning of titles, enhancing their visibility to consumers.

The Kelkoo team also conducted an analysis of the trends in top and rising keywords across categories and added these to relevant product titles to increase products’ attractiveness. They optimized all titles using the Feed Rules feature in Google Merchant Center, enhancing the whole Myprotein feed in one batch.

These measures contributed toward a 12% traffic increase in related queries and a 12% jump in click-through rate. “Initially sceptical of the impact it could have, we were surprised at how much performance improved on those products that we included in the test,” says Myprotein Head of Acquisition Adam Garnsey. “Kelkoo Group helped us to identify these phrases and we’re looking to test more in other territories to see if we can produce the same uplifts.”

The work highlights the value companies can gain by choosing to work with a comparison shopping service and by gaining consultancy support for their Shopping ads. Going forward, Kelkoo Group is rolling out similar initiatives with their other retailers across all of the 16 Shopping ads markets.

We were surprised at how much performance improved.Adam Garnsey, Head of Acquisition, Myprotein