Rituals gained control on their Performance Max campaigns


About Rituals
  • Luxury home & body cosmetics shop
  • Based in Amsterdam
  • 1,000+ stores across the globe
  • Rituals.com
About Producthero
  • Comparison shopping service
  • Software vendor for Shopping Ad tools
  • Headquarters in Amsterdam
  • Producthero.com
  • Chose Producthero as their first CSS to launch and test Shopping Ads
  • Leveraged Producthero’s expertise to develop a Google Shopping campaign structure
  • Has an internal SEA team and collaborates with external consultants to setup campaigns
  • Started using Producthero CSS in one country, but after its success expanded it to all countries when COVID-19 affected offline shops.
  • Maximize budget efficiency
  • Gain more control on Performance Max campaigns
  • Increase presence and branding on Google
  • Together, Rituals and Producthero scaled Shopping ads with smart bidding and other advanced features. Combined with Producthero's own product feed optimization tool, Rituals achieved a triple-digit turnover increase in online sales within their spend targets

28 september 2022

“By offering Shopping Ads through CSS, we are able to offer merchants a discount on their Shopping Ads compared to Google Shopping. Furthermore, it helps us to offer additional software for SEA & PPC experts to maximize their advertising performance.” Martijn Beumer, Co-Founder & product lead, Producthero

“By using Producthero as a CSS and their additional tools we gained more control on our SSC and Performance Max campaigns. This helped us to significantly increase our volume and visibility on the Google search engine.“ Yannic van Overbeeke, Senior SEM Team lead, Rituals

Before working with Producthero, Rituals already used Shopping Ads on Google Shopping. To optimize their ad spend and increase their revenue they switched to Google Premium CSS partner, Producthero. At first they implemented the CSS program solely in the Netherlands, after that together we measured a 20% decrease on their shopping ads costs. Additionally, they used Producthero’s Optimizer to improve the titles of their Shopping Ads.

As the COVID-pandemic forced their offline stores to close, the pressure for their online shops to perform gained importance. That is when they extended the comparison shopping services across Europe and implemented Producthero’s software services in all countries, also in the USA, to further improve their Shopping Ad performance.

“We use both the Producthero Optimizer to optimize titles of campaigns, especially in countries where we have less knowledge of the language. Additionally, we also use the Producthero Labelizer. This allows us to categorize products into segments. This gives us more control on our Performance Max campaigns. It enables us to adjust our Shopping Ad spend based on the revenue that products generate.”
Yannic van Overbeeke, Sr. SEM Team lead, Rituals

Using the Producthero Optimizer the entire SEA team at Rituals is able to improve the titles of products. Previously, they used rules based on a feed managment tool, however, this required people and agencies to have a high level of knowledge on the implementation to prevent mistakes in the feeds. Using the Producthero Optimizer they have an easy onboarding process and are able to quickly understand how they can improve their titles. This allows them to also optimize titles for special holidays.

“By combining the efforts of our SEA and SEO teams, we were able to conquer the first page in Google in the Netherlands around mothers day, on terms that are important for our branding, like ‘Mother’s day gift’ and ‘gift for mother’s day’. The Shopping Inventory became indispensable for us as this is a huge contribution to our SERP and has a huge impact on company results during market moments.” Yannic van Overbeeke, Sr. SEM Team lead, Rituals

As Rituals has a growing number of accounts, Yannic van Overbeeke decided to be smarter in managing campaigns with his team. That is why they use new services like Performance Max to optimize and automate campaigns. By collaborating with Producthero they maintain the level of control over their campaigns while being smarter and more efficient using Google’s new ad services like Performance Max.