Shoptimised driving a 153% Incremental Uplift in Google Shopping Ads revenue.

Since 2006, 80’s Casual Classics has lead the revival of many Heritage brands from 70s, 80s,90s and built a strong like minded customer base who share their love of nostalgic styles. Despite their strong success in Shopping Ads, over 80% of their product catalogue were receiving No Clicks or were not converting.

The Challenge
  • The challenge was simple, increase the amount of products that 80’s Casual Classics sold via Shopping Ads.
The Approach
  • We plugged 80’s Casual Classics into our Incremental Sales Software which analyses their Shopping Ads performance data every day and builds a Product Feed that only contains the product which are either not converting or have received No Clicks in the past 30 days.
  • We then utilised our Feed Optimisation Software to audit, optimise and improve every attribute. The optimised Incremental Product Feed is then placed into a new CSS Merchant Center and linked to the existing 80’s Casual Classics Google Ads account. Finally, we built a single Performance Max Campaign campaign which utilised the product data within out CSS Merchant Center.
The Results
  • By solely concentrating on the Non Converting and No Click products from the Core Campaigns we have been able to increase their Shopping Ads revenue by 153% (£322,304.54) in just 3 months.
  • 80’s Casual Classics had previously struggled to break through their glass ceiling and grow their Shopping Ads this year. But, we have now helped them to smash through the ceiling.
Market Impact
  • So far this year we have grown our CSS usage to 2,700 active merchants which has resulted in over 24M Clicks in the past 30 days.
  • We’ve also supported over 400 Merchants with our Incremental Sales Software and have so far generated over £119M in revenue from products which were previously not converting or receiving no clicks.

"Since starting in July we have seen two Incremental CSS campaigns run alongside our own to great success.

The Shoptimised dashboard gives us a great degree of confidence and insight into performance. I have been very happy with how they have slotted in to work alongside our other marketing efforts with results to match."

James Hunt, Head of Operations, 80s Casual Classics

"Performance Max has proven to extract more value from Google Shopping than any Shopping Campaign that has come before it. The question is no longer how much more revenue could Performance Max provide retailers, but how much are they losing by not adopting."

John Cave, Director, Shoptimised