Shoptimised driving a 42% Incremental Uplift in Google Shopping Ads revenue.

Little Trekkers are passionate about enabling kids and their families to enjoy the outdoors together in style and comfort. That only stock the best kids outdoor gear, outdoor clothing for kids. Having been referred by an agency partner when their month on month Shopping Ads growth slowed. Little Trekkers were only able to generated conversions and revenue from just 28% of their product catalogue within Google Shopping.

The Challenge
  • The challenge was simple, increase the amount of products that Little Trekkers sold via Shopping Ads.
The Approach
  • We plugged Little Trekkers into our Incremental Sales Software which analyses their Shopping Ads performance data every day and builds a Product Feed that only contains the product which are either not converting or have received No Clicks in the past 30 days.
  • We then utilised our Feed Optimisation Software to audit, optimise and improve every attribute. The optimised Incremental Product Feed is then placed into a new CSS Merchant Center and linked to the existing Little Trekkers Google Ads account. Finally, we built a single Performance Max Campaign campaign which utilised the product data within out CSS Merchant Center.
Market Impact
  • So far this year we have grown our CSS usage to 2,700 active merchants which has resulted in over 24M Clicks in the past 30 days.
  • We’ve also supported over 400 Merchants with our Incremental Sales Software and have so far generated over £119M in revenue from products which were previously not converting or receiving no clicks.
The Performance Max Approach
  • We were early adopters of Performance Max and by January 2022 we were advising all of our agency and retail clients of the benefits Performance Max can deliver in addition to great revenue and ROAS.
  • As we are connected to over 3,000 Google Ads accounts via our Feed Optimisation software we’ve been to record and share the growth of Performance Max across our portfolio.

"Since starting with Shoptimised we have been really impressed with the performance. They have generated an additional Google Shopping revenue of 42% with over 1,000 additional sales in just 4 months."

Rob Merrett, Commercial Director, Little Trekkers