The CSS program speeds the growth of Producthero throughout Europe.


19th December 2022

Over two thousand merchants switched to Producthero CSS this year. In 2022 retailers from all European countries joined. This creates huge opportunities as Producthero also offers additional tools to shopping advertisers to boost the performance of Shopping campaigns.


Producthero put more emphasis on their international growth plans. They already supported merchants in all the European countries, so they optimized their go-to-market strategies to attract more international customers. By collaborating with the Google CSS team they gained many insights in the shopping market and the CSS program.

Offering all-in-one tooling

In their Premium CSS package a tool to optimize product titles is included. In the Pro package they enable organisations to segment product groups based on performance. Also, advertisers can combine competitor price benchmark- and performance data all in one tool.

Happy customers create growth

Over and over merchants are seeing uplifts in their conversion value and improvements of their ROAS. That is why also many digital agencies offer Producthero CSS or even move all their CSS customers to Producthero. This helped Producthero to achieve a 5% month-over-month revenue growth.

  • 6,500+Merchants use Producthero Premium CSS
  • 400+Digital agencies offer Producthero CSS and tooling
  • 5% Month over month revenue growth

'As a premium Google CSS Partner we are able to help thousands of European Merchants. We add a lot of value by offering sophisticated tools, which are easy to use and have proven to boost the Shopping Ads performance of our customers . It’s great to see our growth and the growth of our customers go hand in hand.' Wouter Veenboer, CEO & Founder at Producthero