Genie Shopping increases sales for AO with CPA on Shopping ads

AO wanted to attract new quality customers, increase category impression share, and secure sales that were incremental to their existing Google Shopping sales. Genie Shopping took a consultative approach to working with AO, building a close working relationship to ensure clarity of AO’s strategy and objectives. Together Genie Shopping and AO launched a project to test Shopping ads against their existing Google Shopping campaigns.

About Genie Shopping Network
  • Comparison Shopping Service
  • One of the first to join CSS Program
  • Runs CSSs Crowdstorm and Cafe La Moda
  • Offers advanced solutions for feed and bid management
About AO
  • Top retailer of electrical/white goods
  • Founded in 2000 and listed on the London Stock Exchange
  • Manages paid search activity in-house and runs self-managed Shopping campaigns via Google Shopping
  • Revenue in 2016 was estimated at £600m
  • Additional sales alongside activity running with Google Shopping
  • Increase overall category impression share and sales
  • Ensure existing Google Shopping CPCs are not increased
  • Drive quality customers
  • Consultative; centered on a close working relationship
  • Mapped and optimised product feed, using award-winning technology and expertise
  • Managed CSS CPA service
  • Being open and sharing important data to rapidly build trust
  • New sales from Genie’s CPA service showed a 263% revenue increase from January to May 2018 and were incremental to those from AO’s own Google Shopping campaigns
  •’s category impression share grew significantly overall
  • No increase in’s existing Google Shopping CPCs
  • New customers indexed as ‘wealthy’, ‘older well-off’ and ‘younger mid-affluence’ – additional to AO’s usual demographic

October 23, 2018

Working with a great brand such as proved a perfect test case for our CSS CPA service. By maintaining a close dialogue throughout, we were able to show how Genie Shopping Network drives additional and significant sales volume without driving up a retailer’s own costs via Google Shopping in the auction. Jo Underhill, Head of the CSS project at GSN

The results demonstrated the effectiveness of Genie Shopping’s consultative CPA service, showing an increase in revenue of 263%; significantly increased category impression share; and an influx of new quality customers.

As a registered CSS Partner running a host of long-established comparison shopping sites, Genie Shopping combines a deep understanding of its customers’ objectives and award-winning feed management tools to ensure only the highest quality conversion traffic is directed to its merchants.

The CSS works to bring incremental sales to Google Shopping results, only taking commission on the sales it drives.

Genie Shopping used a managed service for AO, with advanced solutions for bid management – CPA bidding – ensuring AO’s existing Google Shopping CPCs didn’t increase and their new Shopping ads didn’t compete in the auction against AO’s existing Google Shopping campaigns.

Revenue results showed that sales and impression share were successfully increased without negatively impacting AO’s original campaigns. And Genie Shopping demonstrated the potential of running Shopping ads through a CSS to drive incremental sales on a CPA basis.

Genie Shopping has become a trusted partner for due to their consultative approach and ability to deliver results. Genie has rapidly become one of our top performing affiliates and continues to drive great value for our business Graham Murray, Affiliate and Partnerships Manager at

The project was an ideal test case, and AO and Genie Shopping are still working together: “Genie has rapidly become one of our top performing affiliates and continues to drive great value for our business,” affirms Graham Murray, Affiliate and Partnerships Manager at