Heine grows sales 5X with Comparison Shopping Services Shoparade’s Shopping ads

Heine boosts return on ad spend by 15% by running Shopping ads via comparison shopping site Shoparade

About heine.de
  • Fashion and interiors retailer
  • Subsidiary of the Otto Group
  • Headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany
About Shoparade.de
  • Comparison shopping service
  • Operated by infiniteFox GmbH and Native Shopping Media UG
  • Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany
  • Increase sales
  • Achieve top ad rankings
  • Advertised products to appear on Google Search results pages
  • Adapted heine’s Shopping campaigns to Shopping ads via Comparison Shopping Services Shoparade
  • 15% improvement in return on ad spend
  • 5X increase in ad visibility of heine.de
  • 2X increase in conversions with similar investment level
  • 33% increase in the absolute top impressions share
  • 4% increase in conversion rate

October 18, 2018

Fashion and interiors retailer heine launched its e-commerce platform in 1996, and today the brand’s website offers more than 36,000 fashion and lifestyle products. Heine teamed up with Shoparade, a comparison shopping service (CSS) that drives qualified traffic from search engines to their clients’ shops. By using Shopping ads placed through Shoparade, heine aimed to achieve top ad rankings for its products and generate new sales on its website.

Heine had previously run Shopping ads, but decided to experiment with running Shopping ads through Shoparade, which is a Google CSS Partner. The Shoparade team adapted heine’s existing Shopping campaigns via Google Shopping to the new approach and optimised them.

As a fashion brand, our top priority in using shopping ads is to attract new and relevant customers to our online stores. The use of a CSS has enabled us to significantly broaden the presence of our unique products and thus drive more traffic to our stores without increasing our spending. Holger Stripf, Head of Online Marketing, heine

At first they focused only on women’s fashion products. After one month, the new campaigns were outperforming the old approach, prompting heine and Shoparade to include more product groups, such as underwear, beachwear, shoes, and living.

We saw incredible performance uplifts with Shopping ads via CSS within all product segments, but the uplift within fashion stood out most. Christin Reske, Performance Shopping Specialist, infiniteFox/Shoparade

Upon launching Shopping ads via Shoparade, heine not only began to see improved ad visibility but also a higher return on ad spend. To capitalise on the channel’s early success, the team decided to allocate more budget to it. By the end of the test period, the percentage increase in traffic and sales oustripped the percentage increase in cost, proving the channel’s superior profitability compared to the previous approach.

Shoparade describes the results as “incredible” – new Shopping ads via CSS posted a 15% improvement in return on ad spend and a 4% increase in conversion rate over heine’s previous Shopping campaigns. The new approach also raised the visibility of heine.de by fivefold, with Shoparade’s ads contributing 90% of clicks and impressions from all of heine’s Shopping ads.

Running Shopping ads via CSS helped us drive cost efficiency and save advertising budget. By reinvesting the savings, we’ve managed to significantly exceed our monthly sales and acquisition targets Peter Quadt, Senior SEA Manager, heine