Homebook uses Shopping ads to drive high-quality leads to merchants

With over 200 merchants and 240K products, Homebook is a Polish Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) for home and garden decor that directs traffic to inspirational content and clients’ online stores. Homebook was looking for ways to increase the volume and quality of its traffic and began using Shopping ads in 2018.

About Homebook
  • Comparison Shopping Service
  • Specialised in home and garden
  • Founded in 2015
  • Headquarters in Poland
  • Increase quality and volume of Search traffic
  • Launched and tested Comparison Shopping Services for Shopping ads
  • 173% uplift in transactions
  • 122% revenue increase

October 5, 2018

Homebook.pl is a leading Polish Comparison Shopping Service for home and garden decor. The site’s inspirational photos, tips, trends, products and specialist knowledge attracted almost 26M* unique visitors in 2017.

Homebook offers merchants a traffic acquisition solution that connects retailers with a large network of home and garden enthusiasts. And consumer intent is clear-cut — people come to the site to find inspiration for their home and garden makeovers, and consequently make purchases from merchants.

After a highly successful launch in 2015, the site experienced a lull in performance during early 2018, where Search traffic grew slower than anticipated. Homebook set out to develop a strategy that would send more high-value leads at scale to their merchants.

When Shopping Ads were launched for Comparison Shopping Services Homebook and its performance marketing agency, SmartYou, believed they could use the platform to drive incremental volume and quality clicks to their merchants’ home and garden products.

“We knew this represented an opportunity for Homebook that we simply could not miss out on” Maciej Ziemczonek, Performance & Outbound Marketing Manager, Homebook

Shopping ads via CSSs allow consumers to quickly and easily find merchants’ online inventory. They show users a photo of the product, a title, price, store name, and more.

SmartYou’s in-house bid management script was linked to enhanced CPC that allowed Homebook to use conversion values and adjust bids on a daily basis for each individual merchant. The algorithm maximised traffic volume without surpassing the set CPC.

According to SmartYou’s operational director, Piotr Stryjniak, the dynamic nature of Shopping ads was one of its strongest assets. “It was thanks to this solution that we were able to discover quickly the scale of traffic generated by Shopping campaigns”.

With the help of Shopping ads, Homebook saw a 173%* uplift in transactions and a 122% increase in revenue between March and May 2018. Performance hit record levels in April 2018 when Shopping campaigns generated a further 235% in transactions and a 156% increase in revenue. The campaign also had a direct impact on merchants’ sales. One of the leading merchants for sanitary fitting reported an impressive 163% increase in revenue in the first two months compared to the previous period. The majority of the merchants had never used Shopping ads so enlisting in the Comparison Shopping Services extended their reach and product exposure.

The significant boost in traffic, additional merchants and more products meant that a standard feed fetch was unable to cope. Homebook quickly implemented the Content API for Shopping which resolved the issue and allowed the site to automatically add more merchants.

The Domodi Group, Homebook’s parent company, was so pleased with the results that they decided to participate in Shopping ads with two more of their Polish CSS domains — Domodi and Allani — as well as partner websites in Italy and Spain.

“Not only were we able to instantly launch Shopping ads as a Comparison Shopping Service, but we were also able to generate a scale of high-quality traffic in a very short timeframe. Compared to great results in 2017, synergies stemming from Search and Shopping, lead us to expect even better results.” Maciej Ziemczonek, Performance & Outbound Marketing Manager, Homebook

Source: * Google Analytics, Homebook.pl 2017; ** When comparing Google Search Ads with Google Search Ads and Shopping campaigns.