CSS Partner moebel.de boosts retailers’ traffic and sales with Shopping Ads

As a comparison shopping service (CSS), moebel.de presents visitors with a selection of 3 million home furnishing products from 250 retailers. The portal guides users to partner shops where transactions take place. To create higher visibility for their partners and increase traffic to partners’ websites, moebel.de seized the opportunity to use Shopping Ads. The online shop Garten und Freizeit was one of the first of their retailers to try the new approach

  • About moebel.de
  • Comparison shopping site for home furnishings
  • Founded in 2007
  • Headquarters in Hamburg
  • Create higher visibility for moebel.de partners
  • Increase traffic to moebel.de partners’ websites
  • Adjusted existing Shopping ads feed
  • Created separate account
  • Built granular campaign structure
  • Increased traffic to Garten und Freizeit by 58% and sales by 110% compared to traffic generated to their partner website before advertising through Shopping Ads
  • Delivered 82% better return on investment for Garten und Freizeit than all other channels

October 5, 2018

Shopping Ads in cooperation with moebel.de have enabled us to increase our sales during the season at a very good price/performance ratio. Matthias Geiger, Head of Marketing, Garten und Freizeit

As a leading online retailer of high-quality garden and leisure furniture, Garten und Freizeit delivers products to customers across Europe. Garten und Freizeit is a longtime partner of moebel.de, submitting product feeds on a regular basis. By launching the new Shopping Ads early in the peak season for garden and balcony products, moebel.de saw an enormous opportunity to boost business for the retailer.

Moebel.de quickly adjusted the feed, created a separate account for the merchant and built a granular campaign structure. They eventually created one campaign for every product category to enable detailed performance evaluation. Since Garten und Freizeit had been a partner shop since 2011, moebel.de was able to apply their experience of the retailer’s products in optimising the campaigns.

As a result, Garten und Freizeit reports that traffic coming from moebel.de campaigns increased by 58% and sales grew by 110%. Meanwhile, the Shopping Ads campaign delivered an 82% higher return on investment than all other channels that are sending traffic to Garten und Freizeit, leading to an increase of their overall return on investment of 21%.

Convinced of the value of Shopping Ads through comparison shopping services, moebel.de has now joined Google’s CSS Partner program, which includes access to special CSS training courses and workshops. Going forward, they’re putting a greater focus on Shopping Ads and are onboarding even more partners.