Motointegrator shifts gears and grows sales by 30%, with Smarketer CSS and Smart Shopping campaigns


About Motointegrator
  • Online car-parts retailer
  • Covers all the big car brands
  • Part of Cleverlog-Autoteile GmbH
About Smarketer
  • Award-winning Google Ads agency
  • Based in Germany and France
  • Employs 200+ Google Ads/SEA specialists
  • CSS Premium Partner
  • Grow sales and conversion value at steady ROI
  • Market and query analysis
  • Tested SSC campaigns with traffic split beta against standard campaigns
  • Set up SSC campaigns with only part of the inventory and focused on top-sellers first
  • 30% more sales
  • 42% more inventory traffic
  • 2X impression share at stable ROI

August 27, 2021

Car-parts retailer Motointegrator needed a way to maximise sales and conversion values while keeping ROAS goals stable. In the past, they’d tried scaling their campaigns with budget changes within their original Standard Shopping campaigns, but the results weren’t forthcoming, and so a new approach was needed.

Partnering with digital marketing agency, Smarketer, they began by implementing their CSS service, while simultaneously transitioning their inventory top-sellers to their Smart Shopping Campaigns (SSC). Their SSC was then set up to target best-selling products with the aim of maximising conversion value while achieving the same profitability.

After switching to SSC via the Smarketer CSS, the team saw a significant rise in sales volume, and a more stable ROAS. By increasing Motointegrator’s reach across search, display, YouTube and Gmail, their SSC was able to successfully drive new traffic to more than 42% of its in-stock inventory. This led to a 30% higher conversion value in the shopping segment, yet with the same profitability.

After switching to Smarketer’s CSS, the SSC also soon began significantly outperforming anything they’d experienced before. Sales consistently increased, and ROAS also began stabilising. Overall, the SSC strategy and consultancy provided by Smarketer, combined with Motointegrator’s ambitious business targets, led to a close and successful collaboration between the two businesses, and some truly outstanding results.

"SSCs are a great way to challenge our standard shopping campaign setups and get the most out of our top-selling products,” explains Smarketer’s Head of Product, Maik Lehmann. “Our CSS helped achieving very strong results, and our partnership with Motointegrator delivered just the performance we needed.”

Looking ahead, Motointegrator is looking forward to expanding their SSC to other product categories as part of a phased rollout. “We are very satisfied with everything Smarketer has done for us in the scope of Google Ads and Shopping ads,” says Anna Ganska, Managing Director, at Cleverlog-Autoteile GmbH (Motointegrator). “We’ve been able to generate a very solid upswing thanks to this change. In light of the current dynamic market, and especially during the pandemic, we really value the ability to react faster to what’s happening around us, and continually optimise our campaigns.”