PriceRelevance helps Partykungen accelerate sales in key periods

PriceRelevance is a comparison shopping service (CSS) that helps people across Europe search and find products. Transparent and easy to find the best products at the best prices. PriceRelevance is powered by data driven performance marketing agency AdRelevance specializing in Shopping.

About PriceRelevance
  • Comparison shopping service powered by AdRelevance
  • Specialists in performance Shopping ads campaigns
  • Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden
About Partykungen
  • Online party supply store
  • Headquarters in Gävle, Stockholm
  • Maximise sales around Halloween and Valentine’s Day
  • Fine-tune existing Shopping ads strategy
  • In Halloween period, Shopping ads revenue increased by 164% year over year, with a 44% uptick in return on ad spend
  • In Valentine’s Day period, Shopping ads revenue increased by 200% year over year, with a 13% increase in return on ad spend
  • Created new Shopping campaigns in Partykungen’s existing Google Ads account and linked them to PriceRelevance
  • Uncapped campaign budgets
  • Divided traffic into campaigns and ad groups to increase control
  • Used Google Analytics to identify products needing extra exposure
  • Continuously broke out product groups to optimise bidding
  • Shifted from last-click to data-driven attribution
  • Activated enhanced cost per click (ECPC) bidding

November 11, 2019

Swedish online party supply store Partykungen wanted to explore opportunities to maximise sales during their most important sales periods, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Together with their agency AdRelevance, the Partykungen team studied data in Google Analytics to identify when search interest started to increase so they could start selling ahead of the competition. Partykungen was already using another CSS when they made the shift to instead list their products on Shopping via PriceRelevance, a comparison shopping service (CSS) powered by AdRelevance.

To get started, the team associated Partykungen campaigns by another CSS with PriceRelevance. To enable direct comparisons, they set bids at the same levels as previous campaigns. In this way, the team aimed to take an already successful Shopping strategy into overdrive.

As well as dividing traffic into campaigns and ad groups for increased control and easier handling, PriceRelevance worked actively on their bidding to constantly maximise coverage of seasonal products. They analysed Google Analytics to see which products deserved extra exposure and continuously broke out product groups to be able to bid at optimum levels. By shifting from a last-click attribution model to data-driven attribution, Partykungen gained a better picture of all the touchpoints contributing to conversions.

PriceRelevance took advantage of enhanced cost per click (ECPC), a machine learning approach that helps advertisers get more conversions from manual bidding. ECPC works by automatically adjusting manual bids to drive clicks that seem more likely to lead to an online sale. In using this solution, PriceRelevance has been able to strike a good balance between control and intelligent application of Google insights to optimise bids for maximum transactions. The team drove further value by identifying key segments of users to target using in-market, customer match, and similar audiences, as well as remarketing lists.

Rather than capping the campaign budget, PriceRelevance established to a desired return on ad spend. “Since we had competitive pricing, we could use that to bid more aggressively and still be within the target,” explains PriceRelevance CEO Karl Lindberg. This helped Partykungen increase their presence significantly, which led to accelerated sales.

Over the Halloween period, the new approach saw Partykungen’s Shopping ads revenue up 164% year over year, with a 44% uptick in return on ad spend. And for the Valentine’s Day period, their Shopping ads revenue up by 200% year over year, with a 13% increase in return on ad spend.

Setting a clear long-term strategy and working together on automation solutions with Partykungen creates a seamless interaction between us that underpins our testing, collaborating and great results. Karl Lindberg, CEO, AdRelevance