Productcaster boosts Sigma Sports’ Shopping revenue by 14%

Summit’s solutions are designed to help both agencies and retailers increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns. As an accredited Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) Partner, Summit migrated a selection of Sigma Sports’ existing Shopping Campaigns to be managed via their comparison shopping site, Productcaster, for a test period.

  • Reduce cost per click
  • Maintain sales revenue
  • Improve cost of sale
  • Migrated a selection of Google Shopping Campaigns, managed via CSS Partner Productcaster
  • 19% increase in impressions, 22% increase in clicks, and 16% reduction in cost per click within the initial 10 days
  • 14% growth in revenue and 24% reduction in cost of sale in subsequent 4 weeks

December 14, 2018

Sigma Sports wanted to take advantage of the continued growth of Shopping ads on Google whilst increasing reach and market share. The main challenge that Sigma Sports faced was a significant increase in competition (50% year on year) across sports and leisure.

For Sigma Sports, the goals were to reduce cost per click, increase sales revenue, and improve the cost of sale. Utilising existing bid management tools, Productcaster slowly reduced Sigma Sports’ cost targets whilst improving the levels of traffic. They monitored performance daily and made bid changes accordingly using their measurement framework. Thanks to these tactics, Sigma Sports was able to increase traffic by 22% and reduce the cost per click by 16% within the first 10 days.

Within two weeks of testing this new approach, Sigma Sports gained the confidence and trust to migrate all of their Shopping Campaigns to Productcaster. They are now exploring other Productcaster technology solutions to further improve their Shopping performance.

The performance improvement we have seen since launching our CSS campaigns using Productcaster was beyond our expectations. We see Productaster as a trusted partner, with a level of service and technology innovation that stands out from the crowd. Jeff Mainwood, Head of Performance Marketing, Sigma Sports